Steve Contry, councilor of Woughton ward, has been petitioning for more than a year to have the fence
separating the hospital and busy 70 mph highway repaired. His pleas have been unanswered as the
accident rate continues to rise. Three people have been killed already and more injured. Most victims
are honest men and women that cross the road between the damaged piece of fence just to get to
the bus stop on the other side. The bus runs infrequently so missing could a real problem for many.
Contry has campaigned relentlessly to the city officials to simply repair the fence and divert pedestrian
usage to the assigned underpass just a few blocks down. Unfortunately, nothing has been done thus
far. However he has remained diligent, and has been simultaneously educating pediatricians about the
dangers and encouraging them to be safer and use the assigned walkway beyond the fence.

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